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Opportunity and the “Great Recession of ‘09”

Greetings small business owners and marketers.   I wanted to launch my first blog by telling you a little about myself and why I founded Fortune Marketing Company.

I have been an advertising and marketing professional for more than 15 years and have worked with some of the world’s smallest – and largest – companies.  In the 90’s when I was selling advertising for the Vallejo Times Herald I enjoyed working with local small business owners but was often astounded by their lack of marketing strategy and planning.  It absolutely broke my heart to see a couple mortgage their house to realize their dream of entrepreneurship, lease a storefront, purchase inventory and open their doors expecting customers to come in droves by sheer osmosis.

I’d walk into their business or shop, briefcase in hand, to congratulate them on their new business and offer my assistance with their grand opening promotions.  What??? You can’t afford advertising??? If I knew then what I know now, my next questions would have been, ‘”Are you freaking crazy??”  Well, since I couldn’t really say that, my next question would have been, “Do you have a marketing plan?” And if the answer was “no”, (as it normally was), then “How do you plan on letting people get to know, like, trust and want to buy from you?”

Sadly, throughout my six years at the Times Herald I witnessed many small businesses struggle to hang on. Many failed and lost their hope of business ownership, along with their homes, life savings and dreams.

I spent the last six years of my career working with some of the largest marketing teams in the world:  Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream (owned by Nestle), Constellation Brands, Kaiser Permanente, TiVo, and Intuit to name a few.  During that time, I’d often think back of all those small businesses I sold – or tried to sell – advertising to and think, “wow, if I knew then what I know now…..”

I realized that with all the experience and knowledge I gained from these huge corporate marketing teams, I could really help small businesses. I could help them stop wasting money on the wrong advertising. Help them create a plan for marketing that’s tailored to their business and the market they are trying to reach. Help them with affordable cost-effective marketing and promotions. Help them preserve their investments, save their businesses and realize their dreams. I realized that with the level of marketing expertise I had gained, I now had the tools to really help small businesses succeed – and not just sell them an ad in a newspaper.

During what I like to call the “Great Recession of ’09,” I, like many of my peers found myself unemployed. I decided it was time to put my dream of entrepreneurship and helping small businesses in motion. … and here I am starting Fortune Marketing Company  and helping small businesses  in Solano County realize their dreams of business ownership and success. One business at a time I will show that marketing does work….

My blog is going to be devoted to offering small businesses a trusted source for information, tips, and ideas. As I grow my business using the Duct Tape Marketing System I will share the process and relay my experience. So, stayed tuned and let’s grow our businesses together!

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  1. Congratulations on the launch of your brand new website! After working with you recently and becoming familiar with your direction, goals and energy for helping small businesses succeed, I’m sure you will quickly become a valuable resource for many owners.

    Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

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