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Do You Suffer From Promotional Panic Syndrome?


My mentor and fellow Duct Tape Marketing Coach Cidnee Stephen describes “Promotional Panic” Syndrome as the sudden and often painful realization that you need sales NOW and that none of your existing advertising and promotions are working to bring in new customers. The  immediate reaction is usually to try to make the symptoms go away by buying more advertising and promotions that don’t work; putting you into an endless cycle of panic.

Promotional Panic Syndrome often goes undiagnosed because many of its symptoms seem harmless.  Recent studies have shown that early detection of Promotional Panic symptoms and treatment can decrease complications, including: wasted money, lack of new business and silent phone syndrome.


  • Terror that is almost paralyzing because the phone isn’t ringing
  • Fear of losing everything because no one is buying
  • Choking sensation whenever you think of the $1000/ month you’re paying for that yellow pages ad
  • Nervousness, shaking and stress because you have no lead generation strategy that works
  • Muscle pain, especially in neck and shoulders from banging your head against the wall
  • A sudden and almost uncontrollable urge to write a check to the first advertising salesperson who walks through your door

The AMA (Awesome Marketing Association) reports that millions of small business owners suffer from this common anxiety disorder each year. The main cause is lack of marketing planning and strategy. If you are experiencing these symptoms, put the checkbook down immediately and consult a professional.

Studies have shown that no amount of advertising will cure these symptoms without first finding the cause. In clinical trials, writing a check for advertising to relieve promotional panic has the same affect as taking  the first pill you can get your hands on to treat a medical condition. Without analyzing your symptoms,  learning the root cause of your condition and then working with a professional to develop a treatment plan you are merely popping a bunch of random pills and hoping that one of them works.

Admitting you have Promotional Panic Syndrome is the first step to recovery. The second step is getting help, contact us today.

So you suffer from Promotional Panic Syndrome? Tell us about it!  Click here to leave your comments!

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