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Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to Practice Effective Marketing

So you have an opportunity to showcase your business for FREE.  Maybe it’s a tabletop display at a networking event or a new member table at a Chamber of Commerce mixer.  What are you going to do with it? The biggest mistake you can make is to do nothing.  

But you think it’s a big hassle and you won’t sell anything anyway. Well, I have great news for you – you’re probably not going to sell a single thing; your job is not to sell- your job is merely to collect information. Now doesn’t that take the pressure off? 

 Although it would be nice to sell something every time we come in contact with people – that’s just not reality; and since most of us live in reality, we have to resort to Marketing.  Instead of thinking a display table or booth is a big hassle and you won’t sell anything anyway, think of it as an opportunity to collect information – to build your email list.  Building an email list full of people who have said, “yes, I want to receive more information from you, because the information you are offering is interesting, educational, and fun to read” is crucial to an effective marketing strategy.

 Build your list by collecting cards. You can do this by giving away a free report, a free consultation, or even have a drawing for a Starbucks gift card.  You can  make a little inexpensive sign and put a fishbowl on your table inviting people to drop their cards for a chance to win and to be signed up for your newsletter, monthly tips emails, special offers ,etc. Offer a demo of your products or services, or simply ask the people you meet if they would like to receive your very educational and informative newsletter.

 Whatever you do, don’t waste an opportunity to showcase your business, collect information and build your “know, like and trust factor”.  Please click  here to leave your comments.


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