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It Can’t Always be about Business

I lost my best friend yesterday, completely and suddenly and out of the blue. When I left the house in the morning he was laying on the floor in the middle of the hallway like he always does – all 100 lbs of his furry self – totally in the way. Like many mornings, I had to step over him every time I wanted to get into my bedroom or the kitchen and he just laid there looking up at me with his big ole puppy-dog eyes every time I did. 

I smiled at him, promising not to step on him and vowed to take him for a walk after my conference.  But when I got home 8 hours later I found him lying in his favorite spot on the side of the house in the sun; lifeless, breathless and stiff. He was gone. Just like that –  no goodbyes, no explanation. Just gone. 

For 7 years he was my friend, my companion, my protector. My big old Rottweiler and Chow mix. I was never afraid as long as he was by my side.  He was loyal, caring, and loving; he was my best friend.  I’d often look at him and wonder how I could love a four-legged ball of fur so much. But he was always there for me. For 7 years he made me smile, he made me laugh, he made me love. 

I have been working so much lately and didn’t spend all the time with him I wanted. I was going to take him for a walk when I got home yesterday and take him to the lake today for a swim.  But it’s too late now.  So today my blog is not about marketing or growing your business; it is about reminding us all to take the time to nurture the parts of our lives that don’t revolve around work.   I spend a lot of time talking about investing in yourself and your business in order to succeed. But today I want to remind you to also take the time to nurture your life; your loved ones; the things that matter most to you.  Play with your kids, take your dog to the park,  take a moment to  ask your neighbor how they’re doing today, call your mother, stop for a moment and just hold your spouse; because you just never know when it will be too late. 

I miss my dog today and can only reflect in the irony:  it took him dying for me to take the day off.

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  1. laura smith (petta)

    IM SO VERY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE THE PAIN YOUR FAMILY FEELS, I HAVE 2 CATS , and one cat ive had since my daughter was 8 and shes 24, id be lost…just wanted to tell you how sorry i was…..take care, bless you and your family

    1. Carolyn


      Thank you. It’s amazing what a part of the family our pets become, isn’t it? I am quite lost without him right now. I wish you the best, thank you for your warm wishes.


  2. Tami Pangelina

    I truly believe that we all need to slow down, breathe, and take the time to love one another. Our lives tend to be so busy now and we sometimes forget to take in the little things. I cannot imagine what you are going through and I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how much we love our furry faithful companions and when they go they also take a bit of us with them. I just want to say that I am thinking of you. I love your blogs and this one really hit home with me.
    Take care,

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