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Does Marketing Scare You?

I recently ran across a blog by a fellow Duct Tape marketing coach at Glue Marketing entitled Why taking marketing risks shouldn’t scare you.” In this blog they talk about how some marketing risks aren’t really risks at all, but just a move outside of one’s comfort zone.Fortune Marketing makes marketing less scary

Risky Marketing?

They cited the following example: “a marketing risk can be a tax consultant writing a short e-book and posting it as a free download on their website. Initially, the consultant might cry, “My intellectual property!” However, think of the incredible exposure to this consultant’s expertise that’s gained with every download. People will also love the freebie and appreciate the consultant’s willingness to help. Who do you think will be top of mind next time tax season rolls around?”

Get out of that Box!

Glue Marketing made some really great points in this blog making me think about how complacent some small businesses get and how fear-driven many of their marketing and business strategies become. What if you stepped outside of your comfort zone for a minute? What’s the worst thing that could happen? What if, instead of running that same ad in the Breeze that you’ve been running for years, you try something new?  What if you offered a crazy money back guarantee, or you call your customers to follow up on a sale instead of sending a post card?

I encourage you to read the rest of the Glue Ed’s article, “Why taking marketing risks shouldn’t scare you”  to see some great examples of  Marketing “risks” that paid off big (Hint: Apple users are going to love one of them!). 

Then I dare you to stir the pot – do something outrageous!

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  1. Thanks Carolyn – glad you liked the post! I liked your examples of marketing risks. They really illustrate how often “risk” can just mean “not what I’m used to.”

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