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Asking for Help: It’s Harder Than It Sounds!

marketing help small businessHow’s business? Not so great? Still trudging along doing the day-to-day and not getting where you need to go? You’re not alone. 

When’s the last time you asked for help? I don’t mean asking someone to get the ringing phone or pick up a gallon of milk at Raley’s for you. I mean sticking-your-neck-out-admitting-you–don’t-have-all-the-answers H-E-L-P.

Asking for help isn’t easy for me. For some reason, I’ve always felt I should have all the answers and be able to solve all my problems myself. I was reminded this week – on 3 different levels – that I can’t do this alone- whatever “this” is; whether it’s getting in shape, making a major life change, or building a business.  The fact is – this stuff is hard!  How can we possibly have all the answers and keep ourselves motivated and see things objectively and keep a fresh perspective and get all of our work done?!? WE CAN’T!!!

Luckily, my help has been kind of just landing in my lap. I won some free sessions with a personal trainer at my gym – that got me started on a new workout regime and out of my rut. My old business coach called me one day just to say hi and she too got me started on a new regime and out of my rut. But what if the help hadn’t just plopped in my lap? Where would I be? How can I learn to recognize when I need help? How do I then admit it and reach out for it? 

I decided to go ahead and post this because I know I’m not alone.   I’m curious how many other small business owners need help sometimes but forget to ask for it? The fact is, it’s so easy to get stuck and not even realize it. So,  I’m calling out to all business owners and asking for your help 🙂 – what do you do to stay unstuck? How do you recognize when you need help?  


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