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Can Bad Marketing Make You Fat?

OK, so bad marketing can’t really make you fat. BUT it can cause your business to be out of shape, inefficient, sluggish, and unhealthy. 

Don't do bad marketing

Leading a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. If eating right and exercising were easy we’d all be svelte, fit, slenderellas. But the fact is we’re not.  For many of us choosing healthier alternatives is a learned behavior and it takes practice, dedication, and commitment. It means saying “no” to the convenience of Big Macs, Little Debbies, and elevators and “yes” to fish, broccoli and the stairs.  In short, it means changing old habits, and doing what is right instead of what’s easy and focusing on the bigger picture instead of immediate gratification.

 A Healthy Body and a Healthy Business

The same is true of building a successful business:  in order for our businesses to be the best they can be we need to take care of them. But many business owners get bogged down in old habits, convenience, lack of education, and a real understanding of what it takes to effectively and efficiently get customers in their doors. Like our bodies, we have to give our businesses the proper nutrients and exercise if they are to be strong and healthy.  The marketing “nutrients” a business needs are: planning, strategy, continuous education and research. And the “exercise” is the execution of the proper tactics = doing the right stuff, not just thinking about doing the right stuff.  So, I’ve made a list of 4 practices for marketing a successful business.

 4 Diet Strategies We Can Apply To Create Strong, Healthy And Sustainable Businesses: 

1.   It takes planning –  If I don’t plan what I’m going to eat, when I get hungry I’ll grab whatever is convenient –  whether it’s good for me or not – simply because it bears a small semblance to actual food.  This is exactly what many small business owners do: without a plan they latch on to any  marketing or advertising idea that comes along because it bears a semblance to “marketing” or promises to satiate a need for more customers.  Buy buying the wrong advertising to get more business is just like grabbing that chocolate cupcake to nourish your body; you’re just consuming empty calories to stop the gnawing hunger pains, losing sight of the bigger picture, and hoping for impossible results.  

2.   It takes imagination – Broccoli and chicken breast get old fast. If I had to live on that for the rest of my life, I’d have thrown in the towel long ago. In order to be a success with a new food strategy, I need to get creative and try out some new flavors, new spices, and new recipes. The same is true with your marketing. Don’t get bland! Don’t copy what your competitors are doing.  Take some risks; try some new combinations, new words, new packages, and new offerings. Spice it up!

3.    It takes discipline – Does one day of eating well and exercise get you to your ideal weight or optimal health? NO! Well one ad, one direct mail campaign, or one promotion isn’t going to get your business where you want it to go either… You need to make a commitment to the process. If you don’t have the discipline to stay focused on the big picture you’ll be tempted to fall back into old habits; purchasing those 1000-callorie marketing cupcakes that do nothing but send you on a sugar roller coaster!

4.   It takes time to see results – we don’t get overweight and/or unhealthy overnight and we don’t get healthy overnight.  We also don’t build businesses overnight. Building a brand, credibility, and trust takes time. Don’t give up too early…don’t get desperate and grab that  1000 calorie marketing cupcake = an expensive ad or campaign you know deep down isn’t right for you but fills a momentary need for instant gratification…

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!! Leave your comments here.

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2 Responses

  1. Stu Reid

    You are right on target Carolyn. there are a gazillion “marketing cupcakes” out there. Each one says they are the best place for your marketing energy and advertising dollars. One year I counted seven different opportunities to advertise just in the local Safeway.

    Your four keys of planning, imagination, discipline and time are crucial. In my mind discipline is the most important. Or maybe I feel that way because discipline is the hardest for me to achieve.

    I’m glad you persevered and finished this blog.

    1. Carolyn


      Thank you very much for the comment, I appreciate you taking the time to read it and to write! I’m glad you found it useful.


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