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 Why Your Business Shouldn’t Advertise Like McDonald’s

See, with a multi- million – or even billion – dollar marketing budget you can buy the “know, like and trust” needed to make your business work. Human psychology is a funny thing… the more we hear or see something, the more we begin to trust in it (as long as what we hear and see isn’t negative); regardless of what our common sense tells us.

Why Infomercials Work

Think about how you’ve responded or reacted to certain product / brand messages over time. Those annoying
infomercials are a great example of how constant bombardment of messaging can work.  The first time you see one you think “what a crock, who would buy such a thing?”, or “that could never work”. Then, the 15th  or 16th  time you catch a glimpse of the extra fancy schmancy all-in-one fried chicken, quiche, and Bundt cake maker you’re intrigued.. “Hmmm. What does this do, really? Maybe I’ve been a little too hard on this extra fancy schmancy all-in-one fried chicken, quiche, and Bundt cake maker”.how to use twitter for small business marketing

Before you know it, you doubt your original impression of the product.  Then, by the 50th or 60th time you see it, your brain starts telling you you might actually need one! (Come on, admit it, I know that’s happened to you too!).You may even have half a bottle of that “amazing, scientifically proven weight loss formula” in your medicine cabinet.  Or that super-duper, extra cool tomato slicer stuffed away in a drawer somewhere. Or how many times have you been going about your day, minding your own business when you see an ad or a billboard for a Big Mac? And then suddenly, maybe without even realizing it, you’re craving McDonalds…???

Ok- so, yes, this type of advertising can “work”… depending on how you define “work”. But can you spend millions of dollars to be in front of everyone 24/7? Of course not!  So then why are you trying to? Wouldn’t it make sense to find a marketing strategy that works for a company like yours; not like the McDonalds’ and Toyotas of the world?

Things you need to consider before trying to advertise like McDonald’s: 

  1. Can you afford to invest in “awareness” advertising? There are a couple of different ways to advertise: there is direct response advertising (an offer) and “awareness” advertising (some people call it “top of mind”). Awareness advertising is about putting your name out there to raise awareness. If you aren’t’ doing this constantly and consistently it’s a waste of time and money.
  2.  Do you have the budget to advertise consistently over time? A person will need to see an ad at least 3 times before remembering seeing it- and another 10 or so times before she starts to believe in the legitimacy of the company, product or service. If you don’t have the money to invest in a long-term consistent advertising campaign, you are throwing money out the window. One ad here and there isn’t going to do anything for you.
  3. Do you have realistic expectations about what the ad can do for you? Ok, so you have a few hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket and want to place an ad. So you put a coupon in the paper for 10% off your product or service, turn on the “Open” sign and wait for the crowds to line up around the block….  And you wait… and wait… Nothing happens.  As stated in #1 and #2, advertising is a process and must be done consistently and repetitively. Don’t expect to place one ad and have the products fly off the shelf and the phone to ring off the hook.  Unless you are using the 2 Step advertising approach you probably won’t get the response you expect.

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