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Marketing is Not Deceptive Trickery!

Marketing is NOT Trickery… It’s about knowing your target market better than they know themselves!

It was a blazingly hot 3rd of July day at the lake, there was a gentle breeze in the air and the water was just cool enough to be a refreshing reprieve from the 6 day 100+ degree heat wave we’d been having.

Earlier that morning I’d stopped at Safeway to stock up on the normal picnic fare and was happy to finally be settling in on the beach to enjoy my no-nitrate chicken sandwich on whole wheat, sun chips and sophisticated and healthy sparkling Pellegrino beverage. I picked up my San Pellegrino Blood Orange Sparkling Mineral Water and peeled the fancy foil wrap off  the top of the can (I surmised that it’s supposed to  protect the lid from the grime and rat poop that other soda cans have), snapped the pop top and took a nice long sip.. Yum! I never drink soda, so this was a sweet sparkly treat – a nice change from the plain sparkling Pellegrino or Calistoga mineral water I usually drink. I lounged lakeside on my blanket, sipping away, enjoying its sophisticatedly syrupy sweet blood orange flavor, it’s delicate sparkly-ness, and the “Italian-ness” of the label, when it hit me: I took one more sip just to be sure…YUP!  OMG, I AM DRINKING ORANGE SODA!!!  Marketing is knowing your target market better than they know themselves

Me, Ms. (mostly) health nut, foodie; Ms. “I don’t do fast food – EVER”; Ms., “I try to eat clean, and I certainly don’t drink soda!”  Was sitting at the lake drinking soda – and not just any soda but ORANGE SODA. Holy cow, they TRICKED me.  But I couldn’t be mad… Instead I smiled to myself and thought: I love Marketing!

They got me! Pellegrino got me to do what Sunkist, Minute Maid, and Orange Crush haven’t been able to do in years; they got me to drink soda – and not just any soda, but the ickiest of all soda – ORANGE soda. (Thank god they didn’t have “Succulent Tuscan Grape” or “Juicy Savona Strawberry”!).

So as a business owner you might be asking, “What the heck does your bad taste in soda have to do with marketing?”   It has everything to do with Marketing!  A huge part of marketing is how you package your product and service – AND of course knowing your target market and how, what, and why they buy!

Pellegrino doesn’t just sell orange soda ala Sunkist style… No, it’s not your run-of-the mill sticky sweet corn syrup and carbon dioxide concoction that Sunkist is made of, Pellegrino is made with ‘real juice’ and sparkling mineral water. They sell a fancy adult Sparkling Beverage.  That’s how they got me!  I didn’t even realize I was drinking SODA!

The point is, Pellegrino knows their target market isn’t 8 year olds addicted to corn syrup and bright food dyes.  They know their target market like something more sophisticated and healthy, (also why I paid $6 for 4 cans), but we might also want something a little sweeter and yummier than the traditional Pellegrino water as a special treat once in a while.  So, they developed this fancy orange soda for us non-soda drinkers and packaged it, labeled it, and branded it as a Sparkling Beverage, not orange soda. Brilliant!

So how can you re-package or re-brand your product or service to reach a different market? Are you currently packaging your business properly for the type of customers you want? If your product or service is more like a Pellegrino but you keep attracting Sunkist buyers, then you might have some work to do on your branding and marketing!

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