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The 4 Secrets of Pinterest Marketing for Small Business

At first glance, Pinterest can befuddle. To the new user it appears to be nothing but a screen of random photos. The experienced, however, see it as an elegantly designed photo-sharing site optimized for planning and inspiration.

Pinterest is a powerful social media tool for small businesses, increasing brand recognition, website traffic, and sales.

The statistics are phenomenal:   Pinterest tips for small business

  • By 2011, Pinterest drove more traffic to retailers than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+
  • 81% of U.S. women who spend time online trust Pinterest for information and advice
  • 70% of those on Pinterest use it for purchasing inspiration
  • The average Pinterest user has a household income of over $100,000

Pinterest is undeniably a muscular business tool. But, how do you apply it? 

Four Steps to Leverage Pinterest for Your Business: 

1. Make Your Business Visual

Document your products, services, and staff with your smart-phone camera, or hire a professional photographer or videographer. Then use those images to promote your business on Pinterest.

Create boards to showcase your company’s before and after photos, how-to information, case studies, and reviews.

Develop a special offer just for your Pinterest followers, like a coupon or free report.

2. Know Your Target Market

Pinning photos and videos about your services and products is just the beginning of leveraging Pinterest for your business. The next step is to create boards highlighting your target market’s other interests.

If you’re representing a flooring company, as an example, begin with boards that feature hardwood, tile, and carpet. Next, create boards on dream homes, remodeling, design ideas, house cleaning tips, organization, recipes, or whatever will draw your target market to your site.

Researching your target market will help you create a successful Pinterest strategy specifically, and an overall marketing strategy in general. Pinterest Marketing for Business Owners

3. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Write content for your website on the topics you have chosen. This can be blogs, articles, reports, FAQ’s, or videos. After you post that content on your site, upload the featured image to Pinterest. Even better, include the name of your content on the image, like this example:

Make sure you include keywords, descriptions, and hashtags in your board titles. Verify your website with your Pinterest account by going to your Pinterest Settings page and clicking on the Verify Website button. This will increase your Pinterest’s profile credibility and trust with your followers.

4. Remember, Pinterest is Social

Pin consistently and pin during peak times. Just as with all marketing platforms, to be effective, you must use Pinterest consistently. Scheduling software such as is a convenient way to schedule your pins in advance. Because most people suggest pinning 3 to 10 images a day, pre-scheduling pins allows you to consolidate your marketing time.

Pinterest users are most active in the evenings and on weekends. Schedule the majority of your pins for those times.

Putting the power of Pinterest to work for you is an amazing way to build your business. Remember, though, that advertising yourself 24/7 gets tiresome for your followers. Therefore, when you pin, blend content from both your own site and other business sites.

Social media is social – engage with your followers. Share pins from their boards, comment on their pins, and thank them for sharing yours.

Posting your business on Pinterest is a great way to increase your brand recognition, website traffic, and sales. In four steps, you can be successful on Pinterest: be visual, know your target market, create content on your website, and be social.


Gail Nott is the co-founder of Nott Ltd Solutions, which builds communities of loyal customers for influential business owners through social media.  Gail combines her 17 years experience in web development, referral marketing, and social media to turn her clients’ business goals into actionable plans and marketing strategies that pay off into 6 & 7 figure businesses. Learn how to leverage Facebook for your business in 10 minutes a day with her free webinar. <link:

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4 Responses

  1. A followup question. What if the site is totally high end and doesn’t say “pin” this or have the pinterest icon? I guess that means you can’t use it. And extending this to blogs, I think this is even murkier. Right now I’m too busy to deal with pinterest but I do a blog as often as I can and this is where I use most of the pictures. I read an online article somewhere about a woman who innocently used a picture in her blog and credited the source and was sued anyhow because a credit doesn’t constitute permission and she had to pay damages. Any thoughts about this?

  2. Great question. Pinterest links to the original image. It does not infringe on copyright material, as long as you’ve “pinned” the photo from the owner’s web site. For example, I can pin a photo from Armani’s web site. However, if I downloaded their image, upload it to my site, and then pinned the photo from my site, that would violate copyright law. Pinterest’s copyright policy is listed here: .

  3. I am a jewelry designer and launch new collections twice a year. Some of my colors last spring were inspired by Giorgio Armani I do an animated gif interspersing my designs with my inspirations but the person who designed my website (her husband is a copyright lawyer ) said under no circumstances can I use other designers to promote my work. She asked how would you feel if someone used your gorgeous jewelry pix to promote their work. She thinks Pinterest is a gray area that might have trouble one day because people post whatever they like regardless of copyright. Even on my blog I credit pictures say to the American museum of natural history BUT I did not get permission. Is this something Pinterest users should consider?

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