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Business Pet Peeves That Drive Us Crazy

We all have them; those common everyday occurrences that just drive us absolutely insane. Well I have a few in the business world and I thought I’d share them – not because I want to rant and rave (ok, maybe a little), but also because if these things drive me insane, I can guarantee they drive others insane too and it could mean the difference between gaining a sale or a client or losing one.

So here they are, my biggest business pet peeves and what you can do to avoid them in your business:

  1. Not having a phone number in your email signature – I know most of us operate on email, social media and text these days. But every once in a while I will need to call you and I don’t want to have to go to FB or search your website when we’ve been emailing each other 45 times a day for months! Lesson: Put your phone number in your signature!  Yes even your return signature!My 5 Biggest Business Pet Peeves
  2.  Calling yourself a Guru.  Seriously, isn’t this kinda like calling yourself ‘God’?  Sure you may be really good at what you do and have decades of experience, but save the masterly adjectives for other people to us!  Lesson: Self promotion is vital in marketing, but chooses your words carefully – they are all you have to get your message, image, and brand across.  Avoid describing yourself as a “Guru” or even an “Expert”. Instead, get raving testimonials from clients and let them say it for you!  It’s perfectly fine coming from someone else – and more believable!
  3. Replacing the “C” in your name with a “K”.   You’ve seen them, the cheesy signs that read Kampground or  Kars for Less. OMG they drive me insane! And have you ever noticed that none of these places are of the highest quality? I think it may have started with Krazy Glue…? (Or I could totally be making that up?) And it makes sense for Krazy Glue, but it doesn’t make sense for every business.  Imagine “Gourmet Katering Company”. Or “Fortune Marketing Kompany”. It doesn’t work, does it?  Lesson: Getting creative is good but be careful with old worn out tricks and gimmicks.
  4. Not walking the walk – OK, even I am somewhat guilty of this. I say it all the time; “If I followed half of my own advice I’d be a millionaire. (There is nothing worse than seeing your clients take what you teach them and far exceed you in a matter of months) – however, with that said I at least mostly walk my walk and have a proven track record of doing what I say I do. I ran across a Marketing Consulting Company  the other day that boasted “SEO Experts”, yet when I Googled every key word I would use to find them, there were nowhere to be found…   And I have seen countless Social Media “Experts” with 5 Twitter followers and no Facebook following. Seriously? Lesson:  If you are going to sell it you need to prove you can do it for yourself first!
  5. Leaving me a voice mail telling me I need to call you back but not why – I’m insanely busy and every single day I need to prioritize the emails I’ll read and return, the calls I’ll make, the client projects I’ll work on, etc.  Not to mention weeding out the sales calls from the legitimate calls.  Lesson: Please don’t leave me a VM out of the blue and not tell me why you’re calling or you may never get a call back (unless you’re a customer of course!)

So what are some of your business related pet peeves?
Let us know.


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2 Responses

  1. My big pet peeve is the younger generation that won’t respond to a phone call or voice mail but then when you text them you hear back immediately.

    30 years ago we changed the C for a K. Our tag line was The Kleen Guys. Back then we were a cleaning and restoration company only, no new flooring division. It was a well recognized tag line at the time. We ran it in print advertizing, vehicles and radio. People always referred to us as The Kleen Guys. – Monte Hoover, Gillespies Abbey Carpet

    1. Carolyn


      I’m not sure how I missed this comment FOUR years ago.. What talk about pet peeves and faux pas. Sorry about that…

      Better late than never…? 🙂

      I can understand the frustration about phone calls. I think it’s a good idea to respond in the manner in which you were contacted. But I have to admit, I may be guilty of responding with a text myself.

      I think 30 years ago the replacing K with C was not as common as it is now. Like a lot of things – people saw that it worked and it has become so over used. I can see The Kleen Guys being relevant and effective 30 years ago.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and read! – carolyn

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