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5 Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working

How Small Business owners can succeed at Marketing.

5 Shocking Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working

Marketing is often one of the most frustrating tasks for small business owners. You know it’s something you have to do, yet it always feels like you’re climbing uphill without ever reaching the top.  There’s never enough time to get it all done and even when you do it, it can be hard to tell if it’s worth it.  why our marketing doesn't work

If your current marketing efforts leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled, it’s probably because you’re making at least one of these common mistakes:

1.) You’re playing it safe. The yellow pages (please, tell me you aren’t still advertising in the yellow pages!), that comfy networking group and those AdWords campaigns make you feel like you’re doing marketing and sure, they may  deliver a few prospects here and there, but imagine what could be achieved if you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new.  Something risky.  Something uncomfortable.  Apple wasn’t built on Google AdWords. Dare to be different!

2.) You’re doing what everyone else is doing.  As a marketing consultant one of the most repeated arguments I hear from clients when I deliver a fresh idea is “That just isn’t done in our industry.” My response is always the same: “That’s EXACTLY why you need to be doing it.”  Trying to blend in with everyone else when you should be doing the exact opposite, is insane!

3.) You’re inconsistent. One function of marketing is to build trust in the marketplace. Consistency builds trust. That means having laser focus on who you are, who you serve, what you deliver and how you communicate your message in the marketplace. Marketing is an area where you need to make some decisions about branding, your target market and strategy – and then stick with it! 

Huh?4.) You’re impatient. Think of marketing as courting a love interest; you’re trying to get the prospect to fall for you. Don’t propose (sell) on the first date!   If you sell a high-end product or professional service,  customers rarely buy from you on the first date, so take your time, woo them, buy them candy and flowers (in business that means give them lots of relevant and educational content). Make them fall for you before you try to put a ring on it! 

5.) You have unrealistic expectations. As I said above, marketing is like courting. It takes time, a commitment to the process, and an understanding that you are in it for the long haul.  If you execute a marketing campaign expecting miracles, you will be disappointed. Instead think of it as investing in the relationship with your prospect.

Fortune Marketing Company works with business owners and marketers to make more informed marketing decisions that refine your marketing and grow your business. For more information visit: or contact us at for your complimentary consultation. 

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