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Stop Shopping for Marketing Solutions Hungry!

We all know what happens when we go to the grocery store hungry – we buy a bunch of junk that isn’t good for us, right? Everything looks good when our stomach is rumbling, and we forget the consequences of our unhealthy choices in that state of hunger.

The same happens when we shop for marketing solutions starving for business.  We’re so consumed with hunger that we grab whatever looks good – whether it’s good for our business or not.  Shopping list for market

You’ll buy nothing but junk!

We know the best strategy for staying focused and not buying a bunch of junk food at Safeway is to make a list.  The same is true for your business. Create a marketing shopping list before you shop for marketing solutions.

Your marketing shopping list should contain all the ingredients you need to attract the right customers to your business. Your business is as unique as your mom’s lasagna, so your ingredients will not be like everyone else’s.

Making your list of Marketing ingredients.

Before you create a shopping list you need to know what you’re making, right?   And just like making a special dinner for friends, you’ll want to know their likes and dislikes, dietary restrictions and preferences before choosing your ingredients.

marketing tools small businessMaking a list (or a plan) for your Marketing solutions is no different.  You will need to know:

  1. What kind of company are you making (your dinner party entree)?
  2. Who are you helping (who you’re inviting to your dinner party)?
  3. What unique problem are you solving – or want are you satisfying – for them (what do you make better than anyone else that will impress your guests)?
  4. Why would they buy what you’re selling (why would they want eat what you’re making)?
  5. Why would they buy them from you and not one of your many competitors (why would they go to dinner at your house and not make it themselves or go to a restaurant or another friend’s house)?

Knowing these 5 things will help you narrow your marketing shopping list so you know where to invest your money. Remember, invest in places your target market goes and use tools and strategies that will entice and engage them and lead them down a path of choosing you when they finally make the decision to buy.

Not sure what should go on your small business or start up marketing list? Contact us for a consultation. We’re happy to help.


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