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5 Simple Ways to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Small Business

If you aren’t taking advantage of the many tools LinkedIn has to grow your business you could be missing out on huge opportunities.  Here are 5 simple ways you can get started on LinkedIn:

  1. Create a Company Page. Most likely you already have a personal page, but small business owners also need a LinkedIn company page as well. It’s easy to set up and only takes a few minutes. LinkedIn gives great instructions on how to set up your LinkedIn company page to use linkedin for marketing
  2. Post your blogs on LinkedIn Pulse. According to LinkedIn, the Pulse App was developed as a class project at Stanford in 2010 and today “powers a lot of content you see on LinkedIn’s homepage feed. Pulse content is also delivered to millions of users every week via the email digest”. So this is a great way to get your company’s content read by millions of LinkedIn users. For information on how to post your company blogs to LinkedIn Pulse click here.
  3. Create a killer personal profile that speaks to your target audience – During their research, clients and prospects will want to learn about your company – and you – especially if you’re a consultant, health care professional, attorney, CPA or other professional service provider. Build a personal profile that speaks to your target audience; tell them what drove you to start your company, a client success story, what qualifies you to solve their problems or provide what they want or need? Also share a little about your personal life; your passions or hobbies. People do business with people they like and if a prospect can connect with you on a personal level that could give you leverage over the competition.
  4. Join groups – There are literally thousands of LinkedIn groups. Find 3-5 groups that your target market belong to and get involved! Comment on other peoples’ posts showcasing your experience and expertise, post links to your own blogs and reach out to connect with other members.
  5. Post regular updates – Find or create content that is helpful and relevant to your target audience and share on your LinkedIn feed regularly. Also check your feed and comment on others’ posts as well, sharing your expertise.

If you need help creating your LinkedIn company page or profile or creating content to share, a Marketing Consultant like Fortune Marketing can be a great resource. If you have any questions about using LinkedIn or any social media to grow your business, contact us.

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