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How to Use Google Trends to Rock Your Marketing Content

Are you familiar with Google Trends?  It’s an invaluable resource for your small business content Marketing strategy.

Google Trends: “Top Charts” is a real-time list of the topics that are currently trending (referenced the most in bogs, articles, video, etc.) or being searched the most on Google. These charts can help you find real-time, relevant topics for blogs and social media posts.  You can either find trending topics that are related to your business or you can incorporate one of the many keyword phrases into your blogs or Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn posts.  Why? Because when you write using words or phrases that are trending or being Googled, you could come up in the Google search and get found by potential clients.  google trends

Remember, your target market are people too and if millions of people are searching “Golden State Warriors” there’s a good chance your Target Market is looking for info on the Warriors as well and may land on your site. Of course, knowing your target market helps: are they Golden State Warriors or Stephen Curry fans?  Do the follow Ariana Grande? Do they read Shakespeare or do they prefer Jane Jacobs? Do they drink Margaritas or do they prefer Mint Juleps?  And would they be most likely to go see Captain America or Frozen? (see how I did that???)

Knowing your target market will help you decide which of Google’s trending topics would be most relevant to them.  This is why I say never skip the market research!


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