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Why “I’m Too Busy” is the Lamest Excuse Ever for Not Marketing Your Business

I know how tempting it is to think you don’t need to market your business when you can barely keep up with the work you have.  But not investing the budget and resources in marketing even (especially!) when your busy is detrimental for the following reasons:

  1. That surge in business almost always dries up leaving you with nothing in the pipeline and you have to start all over again. Building your marketing momentum from scratch because you’ve ignored your marketing for so long is extremely ineffective and unproductive.too busy for marketing
  2. If you’re that busy, isn’t it the perfect time to hire and expand your business? Why not hire a marketing coordinator or better yet, a Marketing Consultant who can help you take your business to the next level?
  3. Are you busy with the type of work you want to be doing or are you busy with busy work? Not all busy-ness is created equal. It’s pretty easy to fill your business with the lower end services you offer, but are you attracting the type of clients and doing the type of work you really want to be doing? The right Marketing – and having a Marketing Plan – can help you attract those higher value clients so you can be busy doing more profitable work. Wouldn’t you rather earn more and work less than work your butt off to barely get by?

Marketing is a process not an event; you can never stop marketing if you want to build a sustainable business. A Marketing Plan and a Marketing Consultant can help you stay on track, even when you are too busy to focus on Marketing yourself. If you would like help, contact us.

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