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11 Surprising Reasons NOT to Hire a Marketing Consultant

You may be thinking it’s time to hire a marketing consultant to take your business to the next level. Maybe you’re tired of not attracting clients willing to pay for your higher end services. Maybe you don’t have enough business. Or maybe you’ve been successful, but it’s time to expand and you just can’t get out of the rut you’re in.

There are a ton of marketing consultants out there who will tell you want you want to hear to get your business.  Here’s a list of 11 things to watch for when interviewing marketing consultants:

  1. They don’t ask questions: a good marketing consultant will interview you to learn about your business. They can’t add value to your business if they don’t understand it.Hire a Marketing Consultant
  2. They don’t ask the right questions: are they asking you questions that seem simplistic or off-base? Go with your gut, if they don’t seem to understand business and marketing move on to the next.
  3. They don’t make you think: a good marketing consultant should get you thinking about your business and your marketing in new ways. If they’re spewing the same old stuff every other marketing “expert” tells you, then maybe this one isn’t the right one for you.
  4. They don’t make you uncomfortable: no one grows by staying in their comfortable little rut. If a marketing consultant’s ideas don’t scare you a little, chances are your business won’t grow.
  5. They don’t offer any new ideas: a good marketing consultant should excite and inspire.
  6. They don’t outline a plan: a professional marketing consultant will outline a strategic marketing plan explaining your business challenge, how they will help, their process and the expected results.
  7. They don’t outline their deliverables: a good marketing consultant will clearly state what they will do for you.
  8. They tell you what you want to hear: a ‘yes’ man or woman is a lousy marketing consultant. You should hire someone how challenges you in healthy ways.
  9. They don’t have any references: if he or she can’t offer you client references, move on.
  10. Their own marketing is a mess: how is their presentation? Their offices, social media presence or website?  If they can’t market themselves effectively, how in the world will they help you?
  11. They’re cheap: this is bad for a few reasons: 1) A good marketing consultant will understand that your investment in them will be repaid in spades and will therefore know how to price their services accordingly. 2). If they sell their own services cheaply (competing on price) how will they help you get what you’re worth? They clearly don’t understand value. 3) You get what you pay for! If they’re cheap, there’s usually a reason for it.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and have thought about hiring a marketing consultant, Fortune Marketing can help. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation 20-minute consultation. Remember, strong businesses start with strong marketing!


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