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4 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Small Business

You started a business because you’re good at something: practicing law, bookkeeping, handyman work, cutting hair, building houses, cooking, coaching or consulting.  But are you an expert at marketing? How about business development? Unless you’re an expert at everything, chances are there are parts of your business that are suffering – or could be doing better – if you’re doing it all yourself.

Here are the 4 most common ways entrepreneurs sabotage their business success.

  1. Guessing- If you don’t know for a fact how, when, where and why your best customers buy from you you’re guessing. And guessing is the fastest way to waste a bunch of time, money, energy and resources. work from home
  2. Ignoring – Are you ignoring all the signs that your business is struggling? Are sales flat? Profits dismal? If so, stop ignoring these key signs and do something different!
  3. Trying to do it alone – If your car broke down would you fix it yourself? How about if your roof leaked or your furnace blew up? Do you do your own taxes and bookkeeping? If not, then why on earth would you do your own marketing. The most successful business owners recognize they aren’t experts in everything and they hire the help they need.
  4. Listening to non-experts – Everyone has an opinion and if you’re getting marketing advice from your mechanic or tax advice from your dog walker your small business could be in big trouble. Do yourself a favor and invest in people who really understand business if you need help.

The best way to ensure business success is to hire experts who specialize in specific areas like marketing, taxes, payroll, and legal.

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