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19 Days of Facebook Posts for your Consulting or Coaching Practice

Facebook can be an excellent marketing tool for some Coaches and Consultants. But sharing the right content, consistently is key. The goal of Facebook Marketing is engagement, so you don’t want to haphazardly slap any old story or meme onto your wall. You want to have the right content that will attract and engage customers and your target market.

Here are 19 ideas that will give you more than 2 weeks of Facebook posts for your Coaching or Consulting Practice:

Day 1: Share a tip or trick of your trade

Day 2: Share a photo of you doing something fun and interesting. Or if you have staff do a staff picture

Day 3: Ask a question. People love to share their opinions. It can be about your service, or it can be as mundane as “do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?” bigstockphoto_Two_D_Puppets_Installing_A_Qu_2926649

Day 4: Be Motivating: share something that will encourage and motivate your audience

Day 5: Share something fun or interesting about your city or town

Day 6: Repost an article or story that’s relevant to your coaching or consulting business

Day 7: Share a resource you find helpful

Day 8: Share your Yelp or Google reviews

Day 9: Talk about a customer success

Day 10:  Answer an FAQ about your business

Day 11: Celebrate a success; whether it’s personal or related to your coaching or consulting practice

Day 12: Announce an event, new project, service or partnership

Day 13:  Make a short video with a helpful tip and post it.

Day 14:  Share a new business idea and ask for input

Day 15: Share news about a charity or organization you work with

Day 16: Share a special offer or a consultation

Day 17:  Share a product or service review about something your target market would be interested in

Day 18: Promote a strategic partner

Day 19: Share something funny. Whether it’s a cartoon, video or meme, people love funny!

To be sure you’re engaging your target market with highly focused and relevant content, it’s wise to start with Market Research. A good Marketing Consultant, like Fortune Marketing can ensure you’re making the most informed decisions about Marketing and not wasting a ton of time, money and energy with the wrong tactics and the wrong message. Contact us for a consultation today!


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