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How Connected Are You to Your Customers?

Staying connected to your customers in ways that attract and engage them is the key to getting more referrals and repeat business. But in today’s noisy, cluttered world how do small businesses stay connected? And an even more challenging question is, what do customers want from us?

Part of your sales and marketing strategy should be to find answers to these questions. And the simplest way to get these answers is to ask.  Whether you ask the questions in an intake interview, onboarding process, in the process of working with a client, in a post-project checklist or a survey, knowing what questions to ask and getting the right answers is critical to effective communications with your clients. work from home

Where are your customers?

Ask where they go for news and information. How do they search for what you sell? What keywords did they use? What blogs, news outlets and industry related sites do they read?  Knowing this will clue you in to where to focus your social media and other content marketing strategies.

What do your customers look for online?

Do they go to the internet for news or do they still read newspapers? Are they on Facebook to connect with friends or grand kids? Are they into gardening, travel, politics or fitness? These questions will give you another layer of insight about peripheral topics you could be creating content around to connect with customers.

What prompts your customers to engage with your company?

Use social media and email marketing to test different incentives to engage your customers and future customers. Do they respond to discounts, freebies, helpful tips, webinars or free downloads? Pay attention to this to learn how you can move customers into the sales funnel or down the path to a repeat purchase or referral.

A Marketing Consultant can help!

Like any marketing strategy, customer engagement strategies must be tried and tested. If you aren’t sure how to do it, a marketing consultant like Fortune Marketing can help. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today.



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