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Is your Slogan or Tagline Forgettable?

This morning I was reading a HubSpot blog post by Lindsay Kolowich, “22 Companies With Really Catchy Slogans & Brand Taglines” and I got to thinking about some of the slogans and taglines I’ve created for clients:

Compassionate Care Dental: Smile You’re in Good Hands

Fortune Marketing Company: Strong Companies Start with Strong Marketing

Jill West Nutrition: Change that Fits

Erickson Ranch: Where Fresh is a Destination

 These have all been very successful taglines for these small businesses, but the process of developing them wasn’t simple; it took a lot of studying and research into their business, their industry, and their target market. No one develops a great slogan through guesswork. You have to KNOW your audience.brand

According to Lindsay, the elements of a great slogan are:

  1. It’s memorable
  2. It includes a key benefit
  3. It differentiates your brand
  4. It imparts positive feelings about your brand.

And Lindsay claims the goal of the slogan is “to leave a key brand message in consumers’ minds so that, if they remember nothing else from an advertisement, they’ll remember the slogan.”

Does your slogan accomplish all these things in a clear and succinct way? It’s not easy to do. As Lindsay Kolowich stated in her blog, “it’s ridiculously hard!”

What does your slogan or tagline say about your business? Does it tell your clients how you’ll solve their problems and satisfy their want? Does it describe the benefit of choosing you over your competition?  Is it catchy and easy to remember?

If not, you may need a new one and a Marketing Consultant can help you create something that will stick. Contact us today for a consultation and we can start building your brand today!

To read the rest of the article and the list of  22 companies with the best slogans, click here to visit the HubSpot Blog.

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