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Learn from the Leaders: What Content Gets Shared Most On Social Media

“Content is King.” “Content is King…”

We’ve been hearing this for a couple of years now: in order to build a successful business, marketing consultants and gurus alike have been telling us it’s all about creating killer content (Read “What Does Content Marketing Mean for Small Business”).

You’ve probably also heard that there’s more to it than that. Writing blogs, articles, reports and whitepapers is only half the battle (if that). The other half is about promoting it. (Check out, “How to Get Found Online Using These 5 Sites”). Content is useless if it isn’t read. And to get it read it needs to be shared.Social Media Marketing small business

Getting Marketing Content Read and Shared is the Challenge.

How do we incite readers, followers and fans to share our content? It’s a million dollar questions (perhaps quite literally).

MarketingProfs published a blog yesterday, “ Social Sharing: An Analysis of the 1 Million Most Shared Articles on Social Media” in which author Ayaz Nanji  asked the questions: “Which social networks do consumers use most to share third-party articles? Are the most shared text pieces on social media generally positive, negative, or neutral in tone?”

The answers may surprise you. Ayaz cites a study by Fractl and Buzzsumo in which the 1 million most shared articles on social media were studied. And what they found is that Facebook outperformed the other four platforms studied by a longshot. Ayaz writes,  “Some 90% of social shares of popular articles occur on Facebook, the analysis found. Twitter ranks a distant second (6% of all shares), followed by LinkedIn (2.5%).” With Pinterest and Google+ barely making blips on the radar.

What Are the Social Media Content Sharing Trends?

And the trends show that Facebook and LinkedIn are used more now than they were two years ago and Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest are used less; in the cases of Google+ and Pinterest, a lot media small

If you’ve wondered whether your headlines and content should focus on the negative or the positive, the study shows that 69% of articles shared the most are positive, 23% are negative and 8% are neutral. It’s not surprising, in an online world that seems to be seething with negativity, people are sharing positive stores and articles.

What Can Small Businesses Learn About Sharing Marketing Content?

So what does this mean for small business owners and marketers who are still trying to make content marketing drive traffic, leads and sales? This research indicates that the bigger trend with the general social media audience is that they are sharing content with positive messages on Facebook (for B2C) and LinkedIn (B2B).  I want to stress: these are general trends. I always recommend studying your unique target market to find out where they go for news and information.  This is critical insight every business needs to have to be successful at marketing. And if you need help studying your target market, developing a social media strategy or a marketing plan a marketing consultant, like Fortune Marketing is an invaluable investment. Contact us today for a complimentary no-obligation 20 minute consultation.

For the full MarketingProfs article and access to the research, click here.

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