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Why Small Business Owners Need to be Using Klout

Klout is a free tool that helps social media marketers measure their online and social media impact.  It’s important to small business owners and marketers who are spending time blogging, posting and sharing content because it shows you how much your audience is engaging with and sharing your content. .bigstockphoto_Beautiful_Smile_144167

Yesterday I published a blog, “Learn from the Leaders: What Content Gets Shared Most on Social Media”  about which social media sites articles and blogs are most shared on. The number one site was Facebook, so if you are posting on Facebook it would be a good idea to set up your free Klout account, link it to Facebook and start getting insight into the impact you’re having on your audience.  Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn also ranked- so it’s a good idea to link all your sites.

Klout is an important tool to have in your Marketing toolbox to ensure you’re on the right track with the content you’re creating.


]It’s easy to use: sign up for your free account, link your blog and social media profiles and start tracking your Klout Score!



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