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11 Reasons to Add Podcasting to your Marketing Strategy

Podcasts have been around since the 1980s and finally began to take hold in 2004 with the popularity of iTunes. However, until recently, they seemed to be only for big names and celebrities. Now, with improved technology and ease of entry, anyone can create a Podcast.

When done right it can make a huge impact on a small business. As with any marketing content, the key is to define your target audience and then create highly relevant content they’ll love.

If you haven’t thought about Podcasting as part of your marketing strategy, here are 11 reasons you may want to consider adding a Podcast to your Marketing Plan.

  1. Podcasts are increasingly popular – Podcast listeners have grown 23% since 2015. That’s the biggest single-year increase since the invention of Podcasts. (Source: Convince and Convert, “The 5 Key 2016 Podcast Statistics)
  2. 57 Million Americans listen to Podcasts – that’s roughly the same number of Americans who use Twitter (Source Convince and Convert, “The 5 Key 2016 Podcast Statistics”)
  3. Podcasts can be listened to anywhere – 64% are listened to on phones or tablets. Their portability and accessibility are giving videos a run for their money.(Source Convince and Convert, “The 5 Key 2016 Podcast Statistics”)
  4. Grow your audience – the more channels you use to get your message out, the more successful your marketing (and your business) will be. With Podcasts you could reach potential customers you aren’t currently reaching.
  5. Build your reputation – creating great content that showcases your experience and expertise is a surefire way to promote yourself as someone who knows their stuff.Podcasting for small business marketing
  6. Expand your reach – by inviting other experts onto your podcast to be interviewed, you’ll not only continue to provide useful information, you will open yourself up to their audience. It’s a great co-marketing strategy
  7. Build relationships – explains, “Podcasts have a way of building relationships without the two parties ever actually interacting. It may be a one-sided medium, but the feeling you get after hours of listening to a person talk is one of friendship.” (Source,, “5 Ways Podcasting Can Help Your Business Grow”)
  8. Drive traffic to your website- your listeners are going to want to know about you, so it’s a perfect tool for driving website traffic.
  9. Grow your email list – with effective calls-to-action you can easily grow your email list with a Podcast.
  10. Get more customers – the more people listen to you, like you, share you, talk about you, the more leads you’ll generate and the more you’ll sell.
  11. Access to key influencers – writes, “as a podcaster, you instantly become part of the media and can ask for exclusive access to pick the brain of any influencer. After all, you are giving the influencer something they desperately need: small business owneran audience.” (Source:, “5 Ways Podcasting Can Help Your Business Grow”)

If you need help creating a Podcast channel, check out, “8 Surprisingly Easy Steps to Creating a Small Business Podcast”.

As with any Marketing tool or content marketing strategy, having a plan, knowing your audience, and what type of information they seek and engage with is the key to success. If you would like help developing a Podcast or any content marketing strategy, Fortune Marketing is here to help. Contact us for a complimentary consultation now. We work with small business owners across the US and beyond!

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