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Avoid These 6 Most Over-Used & Meaningless Marketing Words

When I work with small business owners to develop strategic marketing plans the main point I want to get across is that our main goals is to make the business stand out. If we want to attract more customers and grow the business it is critical that we give potential clients a reason to choose us over all the other service providers out there.  Our days of living in one-horse towns where everyone knows their neighbor and does business with the local mercantile run by the school teacher’s husband, the only way we have to do that is through our online content: websites, blogs, social media, advertisements,

And therein lies the challenge. How do we develop unique and compelling marketing content that invites potential clients to engage? Well for one, it takes thorough market research and a marketing plan, but it also requires avoiding writing content that says what everyone else is saying.  And how do you do that? Well for one, avoid these boring, meaningless words that have been used ad nauseam

  1. Passionate (about) – I’m passionate about backpacking, travel, and yes, even strategic marketing. But what does that mean to a potential client? I’m also passionate about wanting the body of a tri-athlete, that doesn’t mean I have one! “Passionate” does not equal “good at”.
  2. Guru– calling yourself a guru makes you sound like an egomaniac. What are you really trying to say? Instead of saying ‘guru’ – spout results that will demonstrate your guru-status!arrogant business owner
  3. Full service– as opposed to half service? Have you ever heard a business say they provide “Partial Service”? Of course not. Customers expect to be given the grand treatment, so full service means nothing. Instead, list the services you do offer that make it “full service.”
  4. Thought leader- So, you’re a thought leader, ehhh? Says who? This is kind of like calling yourself a guru, if you don’t have proof to back it up it just sounds like ego-driven self-inflated poppycock. What are you really trying to say? Have you invented a new tool or process that you can point to? Did you blaze a trail for your industry or your clients? Have you been published?  If so, cite where. Have you been recognized as a thought leader by your peers or clients? If so, get proof in testimonials and reviews and quote them.
  5. Outside the box – *Yawn* – yes, every marketing consultant, business coach and service provider is so creative and forward-thinking that we all think outside the proverbial box. The way to say this and stand out is to give examples. What did you do implement that was so out of the box, and what were the results?
  6. Best – Again, put your money with our mouth is, if you’re the best, don’t say it, show proof with proof: testimonials, case studies and recommendations.

The bottom line is, potential customers want us to give them a reason to choose us and it’s our job to know them so well, we create marketing messages and content that speaks to them So do your research. Find out what makes them tick and use their words to entice them. If you need help doing the market research, target market surveys or competitive analysis, we can help. Contact us for your complimentary consultation today.



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