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16 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

You have a website, right? Are you using it effectively or is it just sitting there collecting virtual dust? The purpose of a website is to attract potential customers, inform and engage them.  The challenge for every small business owner and marketer is: how do I get people to my website?

It’s not easy. There is no Kool-Aid (or giant bowl of Skittles) that you can feed the masses to make them blindly follow you. Like every other marketing activity, it takes focus, commitment and hard work.

Here’s a list of ways you can get people to visit your website:

  1. BLOG! I can’t stress enough how important blogging is to your business- and the more the better. Blogging gives people a reason to visit your site, you a reason to promote your site and organically improves your Google ranking.
  2. Facebook ads. You can promote blogs and other marketing content with Facebook ads and promoted posts to invite people to your website.
  3. Host Webinars. Share your experience and expertise with the masses, by hosting a webinar. During the webinar you can invite people to visit your website for a free download, a contest, information or a consultation.
  4. Seminars and workshops. Host offline events and invite people to visit your website to download a handout or slides, a free consultation or a give-away.hire a marketing consultant
  5. Create Podcast. Podcasts are a great way to expand your audience and drive traffic to your website. Read “11 Reasons to Add a Podcast to Your Marketing Strategy” here.
  6. Guest blog. Partner with a business who shares your target audience but doesn’t compete and guest blog for them.
  7. Publish on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Pulse articles or posting your blogs on your feed can drive traffic to your website.
  8. StumbleUpon. I always post my blogs and other interesting marketing content on StumbleUpon and it drives a lot of traffic to my website – traffic that turns into leads!
  9. Video. Create a YouTube channel and start creating videos. In each video insert a Call to Action (CTA) and a reason to visit your website.
  10. Advertising. Any paid advertising you do should direct people to your website with a CTA.
  11. Direct mail. You can purchase a list of your target audience and send a mailer with a reason to visit your website with a strong CTA.
  12. Strategic Partnerships. Build partnerships with businesses that share your target market but don’t compete and do joint campaigns. You can each offer your audience an exclusive deal on the others’ services. Again have a strong CTA that drives the recipients to your website.
  13. Networking. While this takes time, it’s not a bad way to drive traffic to your website because they already know you personally. The chances of them engaging – and eventually hiring you -are greater.
  14. Online Profiles. There are dozens of sites out there that allow you to set up free profiles. Take the time to set them all up with hyperlinks back to your site – whether you’re active on the site or not, it can drive traffic to your website.
  15. Submit articles and blogs to other publications. Many industry groups and organizations are always looking for content to publish. Find a few in your industry and submit articles. I still get leads from articles I wrote for niche publications years ago.
  16. SEO Plugins. If you use WordPress there are many SEO plugins you can install that will help drive traffic to your website. All in one SEO pack and Yoast are a couple of the more popular ones.

A word of caution: all the traffic in the world isn’t going to do you any good if your website sucks. Invest the money in a professional, well-designed and well-written website before you drive any traffic.  You can never undo a first impression. If you would like help creating a professional, inviting and engaging website that makes potential customers want to know more and stay in touch, contact us for a complimentary website audit and consultation.

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