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penny pinching in business doesn't pay

Penny Pinching in Business Doesn’t Pay

How many times have you bought something just because it was cheap? What happened when you got it home? Maybe the widget broke right away. Or the cheap jacket just hung in your closet, because it didn’t look or fit right. Or the generic mayonnaise sat in your refrigerator until it spoiled because you just couldn’t stomach it. In the end you thought to yourself, “no wonder it was so cheap.”

Have you bought cheap marketing and advertising? 

Now, how many times have you done that with your small business? How many cheap ads have you bought? What about that cheap marketing tool, software or “super-easy-and cheap” marketing program that you never used? Maybe you tried to use them, but failed. Maybe they didn’t work like they said they would or you just didn’t have the time to figure out the maze of instructions on your own.wasting money small business

I bet this has happened more times than you care to remember and you just wrote it off. “But”, you thought to yourself, “no harm no foul, it was cheap…”.

Now I challenge you to add up all the money you’ve spent on “cheap”stuff that turned out to be useless. Those $200 ads in the local magazine that didn’t result in a single call or inquiry (but it was such a great deal – it usually goes for $1500); the email marketing tool that you never quite figured out (so that “cheap” thirty dollars a month-turned-into-$360 over a year,  that was wasted); or the free networking group that you attended religiously for months and never got a single job or referral from? (Multiply those hours by your hourly rate to see how much that really cost you.)

“Cheap” can be expensive when marketing a business

How much did you come up with? One thousand dollars? Five thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More? How much did “cheap” really cost you? And what did you get in return?

Here’s the deal – that old idiom is true: you get what you pay for. And you can either keep going after the cheapest and easiest way to build your business and keep wasting time and money, or you can get serious and do it right.

Take the time to find the right tools and professionals that fit you and your business. Choose the resources that will help you achieve your goals and provide great value for the money. Stop wasting your money on cheap!

If you’re looking for value and results – and not “cheap” – Fortune Marketing’s marketing consulting is a great place to start. Contact us for a consultation.

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