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7 Website Downloads Proven to Grow Small Business Email Lists

What if you could have five, ten or even twenty thousand potential clients who are eager to stay in touch with you?  Prospects who want to receive your newsletters? Blog updates? Event notifications and special offers?

You can!  It’s just a matter of creating great content and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs).

Building your email list is one of the most budget friendly and effective marketing tools a small business or non-profit can use. Why? Because you have a whole list of people who have opted-in, raised their hand and said, “YES! I’m interested! I like you! I want to hear from you!” happy woman signing up for email list

But building an email marketing list isn’t as easy as putting a “sign up for my newsletter” form on your website. Your prospective clients are inundated with junk email and spam, so it’s critical that you give them a strong, compelling reason to dish out their email address to you. And you do that by providing highly relevant and sought-after information they can’t get anywhere else. That means understanding your target audience, understanding why they’re landing on your website or landing page and understanding what they want, need and desire.

Once you figure those things out (client interviews and a competitive analysis are a great tool for that) you can then create the content that they just can’t refuse.

Here are 7 Download Ideas to Build Your Email Marketing List:

Create an eBook

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the next Great American Novel. I’m talking a short, easy-to-consume report in book format. The benefit of an eBook is the perceived value. Your audience may view a book (even an eBook) as being more valuable than a report or blog and may be more willing to “pay” for it with their email address. Check out this great article from Hubspot on how to create an eBook, “How to Create an eBook from Start to Finish.”

Create a How-to-Guide

Oftentimes a prospect will first try to solve their problem or satisfy their want or need themselves. Give them the tools to do this. Most of the time, they’ll download the guide, never get around to it actually doing what it tells them to do, or try to do it and not succeed and then realize they need help.  In the meantime, you’ve collected their email address so when they reach that point, you’re top of mind.

who, what when, marketing strategyCreate a Free Report

“10 Ways Attorneys Can ______. “5 Things Every Professional Woman Needs to Know About________. “9 out of 10 Contractors Make this Critical Tax Mistake.” These are examples of compelling report titles that speak directly to a target market and address a specific problem or need. Create one of your own that speaks to your unique audience’s needs, wants or desires.

Create a Free White Paper

A white paper is a more authoritative and professional study or report and is more theory than action-driven. Think of it this way: a free report will demonstrate how to do something, a white paper will explain why. A white paper can be a great way to present yourself and your company as a thought leader and industry expert.

Publish Market Research

Have you done market research? Or have you paid a research agency like Forester Research to perform research on your behalf?  Giving your target audience valuable insight into their customers, market, industry or competitors is a great way to build your email list.

Create a Download-Only Instructional Video

Video is the fastest growing medium for getting information in the world today. Create a short instructional or informational video that your target audience can access in exchange for their email address.

Create a Self-Assessment Tool

You can’t spend an hour on Facebook without seeing a friend publish results for a self-assessment tool – people love them.  You can create your own self-assessment tool related to your product or service and give your target audience the opportunity to test their knowledge or current state/condition.  Create the quiz on your site and then give the results via email. WordPress offers a wide variety of Quiz plugin tools like mTouch Quiz and there are other free and paid self-assessment tools available.

Creating a Call-to-Action and the supporting content is an excellent way to build your small business or non-profit email marketing list.  It is important to ensure your content delivers what you promise in your CTA and doesn’t leave the reader feeling disappointed or shorted in any way. I recommend hiring a professional to help you write and create your content.  Fortune Marketing has writers and marketing consultants to help you deliver the best marketing content. Contact us today if you’d like help developing your content marketing strategy.


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