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Dear Small Business Owner: You got out of bed today? You’re a Success!  

The Hidden Side Effects of “Motivational” Articles

Every day I log on to email and social media and get blasted with articles telling me I’m not good enough: “What smart people do to succeed and what you can learn from them”; “1000 Strategies to become a better small business owner”; “5 Reasons you aren’t achieving more”;  “How to be smarter/better/richer”; What the most successful entrepreneurs can teach you about success/money/life”. And on and on and on.

I’m guilty of it myself – I write these kind of articles, because people eat them up.

But lately I’ve been thinking; are all these catchy headlines and how-to articles making us feel like failures? Like we don’t measure up? That no matter what we do it’s not enough?  I think it’s worth are amazing

Business Owners are Under Tremendous Pressure to Succeed

As human beings – much less business owners- we are under tremendous pressure to “succeed”. We’re constantly told we should do more, have more, want more. Sure, there is nothing wrong with striving to improve, learn and grow, but when it becomes compulsory, what’s the toll on our emotional well-being? If we’re constantly bombarded with messages, images and stories that tell us we aren’t enough, deep inside are we all walking around feeling like failures? I think to a certain extent yes – at least I know I do!

Venturing out on your own is not for the faint of heart – seriously, think about all that we deal with every single day; where’s the next customer going to come from; how will I finish that big job on time; how will I make payroll; taxes are due soon. And the biggest – for many of us:  if I fail I have absolutely no safety net, so I HAVE to make this work!  This life is not for everyone and instead of feeling like we’re failures who should always be doing more, better, faster – take today – or just this moment if that’s all you can muster –  to appreciate yourself and all that you do.

Today, instead of telling you what you should be doing, I’m writing this to tell every entrepreneur, small business owner, self-employed consultant, coach and contractor that if you got out of bed today, suited up and showed up you are already a huge success.

Fortune Marketing works with successful business owners who want to attract customers who value them. If you would like to work with Fortune Marketing, contact us for a consultation!

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