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10 Fatal Website Design Flaws

Your company website is your single most important online marketing tool. It can mean the difference between a thriving small business and one that fails.  You would be hard pressed to find a consumer who doesn’t go online to research a business before buying from them, and if your website isn’t up to snuff, you could lose out on their business.

You can avoid missing out on potential customers with a few simple design updates to your existing website!

Here are 10 design flaws and how to avoid them:

  1. Fancy Fonts. I found a blog the other day I was dying to read. But I landed on the blogsite and the font was so difficult to read that I had to click away. Avoid over-stylized and script fonts and opt for clear fonts that are easy to read
  2. Small Fonts. No one likes to have to squint and change their screen resolution to read a website! They’ll simply move on to the next. And if they’re reading your site from a mobile device, it’ll be even hard. Make sure your font size can easily be read – especially if your target audience is older than 45! The appropriate size will depend on your WordPress Theme and the font you choose, but 12-14px are common website font sizes.
  3. Font Color. You want your site to look nice so you choose colors that are pretty. Light colors can be very hard to read. Avoid light grays, blues and greens. They can be impossible to read.Human hand from the screen
  4. Background Color. Dark background colors are website killers. Sure, they may look nice but nine times out of ten they’re impossible to read, even if you go with a light font color. Stick with white or other very light background color for your web pages.
  5. Not Enough Images. There is nothing more tedious than having a webpage full of text in front of you. No one has time to read all that and it could cause potential customers to click away. Break up text with interesting and eye-catching images that complement your text.
  6. Too Many Images. Web design is a fine balance of content, creative and navigation. While too few images can make a website boring, too many can be distracting. Make sure your message is still getting across and visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
  7. Links That Don’t Work. Check all your hyperlinks to make sure they go where they’re supposed to go. Sending potential clients on dead ends or endless loops can be frustrating.
  8. No Calls to Action. What do you want website visitors to do? If you don’t give them something to do they’ll simply consume all your information and walk away. Incent them to engage with a free download, a consultation or quote or a newsletter.
  9. No Personality. People do business with people and companies they like. Don’t be afraid to have some fun and show a little personality on your website! Be fun, sassy, irreverent! (depending on your target audience, of course!). Anything that will make your website visitors sit up and take notice (in a positive way!)
  10. Your Website is Out-dated. Make sure your website is current; your photos look modern and fresh and your news and blogs are up to date. If you only blog once a year, take the date off, otherwise readers could misinterpret old content as a sign you’re no longer in business. Company websites that look stale could leave a negative impression on your audience.

Be sure to review your website at least every six months to make sure everything still works and is current. If you need a second opinion on your website, some content refreshing – or a whole new website, Fortune Marketing would be happy to help.  Email or call us at 925-953-2240 for a website review or consultation.

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