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Would You Give Up Your Small Business for a Job?

Since I started my Marketing Consulting practice,  Fortune Marketing Company, eight years ago, I’ve received a job offer at least once a year. Job offers that were serious enough to make me pause for a minute and consider: a regular pay check; benefits; a retirement account! The offers came with attractive salaries (making more than I make as a small business owner) and signing bonuses.  I’ll admit, at times – especially the first few years – it was tempting. And every time I turned one down, I was a little surprised. It would have been so much easier…!

But it always boiled down to why I’m in this. Why am I an independent Marketing Consultant beating it out day after, when I could be sitting in a cushy office, earning a cushy salary?  I’ve had to do some soul searching over this question.arrogant business owner

Sure, working for someone else has its perks: a steady income, security, fewer headaches, less stress and leaving the work behind at 5:00! But it also has its drawbacks: I’d have to answer to someone else, work and live by my employer’s rules and give up a certain amount of freedom.

My decision to decline the job offers always boils down to what I love about being a small business owner and why I choose it, with all its headaches, uncertainty and stress, over a J-O-B.  I choose it because I like overseeing my own life. I like having the freedom to take month long vacations. I like being able to work in Budapest – or in my backyard. I like being able to go to the movies on a Wednesday afternoon, or work all weekend or from 9pm to midnight if I want.

And the thing I like the most about being an independent marketing consultant is that I love being able to pick and choose who I work with. I get to hand select the small business owners, nonprofits and authors I work with!  Gone are the days of beating my head against a wall trying to make customers happy, who will never be happy. Or selling (or representing) products or services I don’t believe in 100%!

My job as a marketing consultant is rewarding and fulfilling and I believe in what I do – 150%  – for the first time in my career!

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the looks on small business owners’ faces when that “aha:” moment hits and their marketing finally clicks!  Or the excitement when their net profits increase 300% because they followed advice I gave them! Or when, for the first time, Marketing makes sense and it’s something they can manage!

Yep – I’m too far gone. I don’t think a million dollars a year could make me go back to working for someone else.

How about you? What would it take for you to give up your small business and go back to work for someone else? Have you considered it? What stops you?

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