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Read This Before Wasting Thousands on an SEO Consultant!

I’ve worked with coaches, consultants, attorneys, accountants, Business Service companies, B2C, B2B and they all have one thing in common – they want to improve their Google ranking through SEO.  They have another thing in common: they don’t know how.

Search Engine Optimization for small businesses is as elusive and mysterious as Bigfoot himself. So, what do they do? They turn to a pro for guidance. happy female business owner

In my experience Search Engine optimization companies fail to deliver much in ROI; whether it’s a huge national SEO firm or a small, local SEO expert. Part of the reason is because most entrepreneurs don’t want to commit the time and money it takes to make SEO pay off. It’s a significant investment.

But finding the right SEO Expert or Firm to work with is critical. And most small business owners and their marketers don’t know how to go about finding the BEST SEO person for their company.

In his article, “Nine Questions Before Hiring that SEO Consultant”, ViralWriter, Kevin Rubel states, “As technically demanding as the field may seem, most SEO consultants will admit that it’s still more art than science.” Therefore, it’s critical to hire the right person or company.

Of the nine questions, Rubel suggests making sure your SEO consultant understands your local area, setting goals and understanding how ROI will be measured (what metrics will be tracked) and be sure to ask for references.  Be sure to call them and ask specifically about their ROI and how their business improved.

Another critical component to hiring any marketing expert is do your homework. Google them – not only their company name, but key words associated with them. For example: “SEO consultant in San Francisco (inserting your own hometown of course)”, “SEO expert in Sacramento” to see how good they really are!  And do the same with the companies they give you as references. If the SEO consultant and their clients don’t come up on the first page for key search terms, you may want to think twice about hiring them.

To read ViralWriter’s other nine questions to ask an SEO consultant, click here to go to their site.

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