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Do Your Ads Make You Look Cheap?

As I’m perusing endless pizza and carwash coupons I noticed a huge difference in how the bigger companies advertised compared to the small local companies. Can you spot the difference between the big company ads and the small company ads? It's HUGE.

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Get your business license, place an ad. That’s how it goes for most new business owners, right? Whether it’s a yellow pages ad, newspaper, radio, television or the local coupon mailer we are trained to think we need to place ads. And usually, small businesses run out and try to emulate what huge multi-million dollar, multi-national corporations do with advertising; create “awareness”. The problem with that is...

Don’t Say That!!! How to Improve Your Image by Keeping Your Mouth Closed!

I vividly remember sitting there after having spilled the beans, immediately regretting it; realizing that although I was trying to make myself look capable by telling the story, what it really did was instill a shadow of doubt in the mind of my boss. It was a valuable lesson and I learned to be a lot more mindful about what I say – and don’t say! And that is a skill that is definitely useful in developing marketing communications for your small business. What you don't say is as important - or even more important than what you DO say.….