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21 Reasons You’ll Fail at Marketing

What is it about Marketing that makes everyone think they can do it? Does it look that easy? If it were that easy, thousands off small businesses wouldn't fail every year. I know there are those out there who will always try to do it themselves so, so in the spirit of not getting it, here are the top 21 reasons why most small business owners fail at marketing:

Why Small Businesses Need a Marketing Strategy

Imagine hosting a dinner party and throwing it all together without a plan. You won’t plan the menu. You won’t plan the decorations. You won’t even plan the guest list. Instead you buy whatever is on sale at the market that day and tell a few people you meet along the way to invite everyone they know. Silly right? Yet, that is exactly how many market their small businesses...

Can Bad Marketing Make You Fat?

I realized recently that many of the habits and practices it takes to not be fat (and trust me, I know all about this!) are very pretty much the same for making a business NOT be out of shape and unhealthy. Put another way – many of the same habits that make us healthy can also be applied to making a business healthy.

Are You an Entrepreneur or an Underpaid & Overworked Employee of Your Own Business?

I think there comes a time in our careers as business owners/entrepreneurs/self employed folks that we have to ask ourselves – “what do I really want out of this?” Do I simply want to go to a job every day or do I want the freedom and prosperity that comes from being a true business owner/entrepreneur? If it's the latter, then we need to learn how to become visionaries. We need to learn how to take risks...