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Small Business Marketing

21 Reasons You’ll Fail at Marketing

What is it about Marketing that makes everyone think they can do it? Does it look that easy? If it were that easy, thousands off small businesses wouldn't fail every year. I know there are those out there who will always try to do it themselves so, so in the spirit of not getting it, here are the top 21 reasons why most small business owners fail at marketing:

Santa’s 6 Secrets to Success

How did Santa Claus become so popular and what lessons can businesses owners learn from him for building our own brands? I’ve identified some key things that Santa does to solidify his brand, create raving fans, build trust and grow his Christmas Empire! Here they are, along with the lessons we can learn from Santa’s success.

Welcome to the Fortune Friday Free Marketing Tips Featured Article!

Get your business license, place an ad. That’s how it goes for most new business owners, right? Whether it’s a yellow pages ad, newspaper, radio, television or the local coupon mailer we are trained to think we need to place ads. And usually, small businesses run out and try to emulate what huge multi-million dollar, multi-national corporations do with advertising; create “awareness”. The problem with that is...

It’s Marketing, Horn Tooting is Allowed!

What are the little things you do every day that sets you apart from the competition that your customers probably take for granted by now. What are you doing to remind them? In Marketing bragging and horn tooting are definitely allowed!