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Can Bad Marketing Make You Fat?

I realized recently that many of the habits and practices it takes to not be fat (and trust me, I know all about this!) are very pretty much the same for making a business NOT be out of shape and unhealthy. Put another way – many of the same habits that make us healthy can also be applied to making a business healthy.

“Word of Mouth” does NOT equal “Do No Marketing”

Word of Mouth marketing – or rather the success of Word Of Mouth as a tool for growing a business is a strategy. It isn’t a “sit back and let it happen” magic pill of business growth. To harness the real power of Word of Mouth, you must Surprise and Delight. You must create a unique experience that is memorable and talk-worthy....

6 Marketing Lessons From Lady Gaga

She built a brand (Lady Gaga) from scratch and is now, according to Anderson Cooper, “the most talked about entertainer in the world”. Lady Gaga didn’t get famous by accident. No, she diligently studied “the art of being famous”. This is a woman on a mission - a woman with passion and drive and I gained a whole new respect, if not for the music, but for the business woman and brilliant marketer she is. Here are 6 things all small business owners can learn from Lady Gaga:

5 New Years Resolutions for Small Business Owners

Now’s the time to make plans or resolutions for the New Year. Have you put down any plans or goals on paper—for you personally or for your professionally? Writing them down and making them tangible is the first step. Here is a list of 5 key marketing resolutions that you may want to think about as we move into the New Year.