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Fortune Marketing Company’s Consulting Services – Turn your Marketing over to the Professionals and focus on more important things!

The “Build Your Fortune” Marketing System
A Small Business Marketing Consulting Program is ideal for busy small business owners seeking a more sophisticated and thorough solution to take their marketing to the next level. This collaborative approach is designed to discover what makes you and your business special, to determine how to get the biggest bang for your marketing dollars and to determine what that looks like in terms of your annual promotions and other lead generation strategies.

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1.  The Coaching Package$1250/month for 6 months
This package is perfect for the small business owner who wants to learn how to market their business themselves. You have the time to invest in the process (at least 8 hours per week) and you want to  work with a Marketing expert who can help you get the customers you need to make your business the success you imagine.  Your experienced consultant will walk you through the process step-by-step,  assist with market research, provide strategic and creative support,  and  meet with you bi-weekly to review assignments and work with you to develop a powerful marketing system tailored to your business. – Guaranteed to get you more leads – and more customers!
2. The Consulting Package $2795/month for 4 months
This package is for the business owner who wants to learn the basics of marketing but doesn’t want to do all the work themselves. A professional marketing consultant will work with you side-by-side to guide you through the process of developing a long term marketing strategy AND installing a system. You will need to devote  about 10 hours per  month to the process.
3. The “VP of Marketing” Package $4995/month for 4 months
This is the premier “Build Your Fortune Package”. You’re a busy business owner, you’ve built a very successessful and profitable business but you realize that to take your company to another level, you need outside marketing help but you aren’t quite ready to hire a full time marketing staff. A professional Marketing Consultant will develop your strategy, implement a system,  hire, train,  and oversee your staff and/or outside vendors, and manage your entire marketing system. You will have regular meetings with your VP of Marketing to ensure the Marketing Strategy is in alignment with your business goals and direction.
4. Maintenance Packages Starting at $495 month
After the intitial strategy is developed and the system is in place, you can keep your Marketing Expert on retainer to help you stay on track.

What you get when you hire a Fortune Marketing Company Marketing Consultant

  • Strategic planning, guidance, and direction
  • Market research, competitive analysis, and surveys (your consultant will either assign these tasks to you or perform the work for you, depending on the package you choose)
  • Consulting, training and guidance for you and/or your staff to ensure the long-term success of your marketing system
  • 17+ years of sales and  marketing experience to perfect your small business marketing strategy
  • Written marketing plan and system implementation ( We will actually install a system for you that works!)
  • Internet marketing, social media, and blogging consulting strategies
  • Writing Assistance – Fortune Marketing Company will aid in the development of key marketing copy and core messaging
  • Project management of 3rd party service providers
  • Regular one-on-one meetings to ensure your plan stays in alignment with your goals

The Process:

  1. Marketing Audit- What you’ve been doing, what’s working and what isn’t
  2. Identify Target Market, study your competition, and develop powerful branding and messaging for your business
  3. Learn the buying cycle of your ideal client, and where and how to reach them on their terms
  4. Create Marketing Materials, advertising and social media plans that work!
  5. Develop Lead Generation Strategies that bring more prospects to your business, consistently
  6. Develop a Sales strategy guaranteed to close more business!
  7. Campaign Creation and Planning including customer segmentation and communication strategies
  8. Implement Communication Strategies to speak to your customers and prospects in their language and on their terms! Increasing repeat business and sales!
  9. Schedule and Next Steps – You will not only have a plan, but you’ll have a system in place that is working- and I’ll teach you or your staff how to make sure it keeps on working long after I’m gone!

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