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Read This Before Wasting Thousands on an SEO Consultant!

I’ve worked with coaches, consultants, attorneys, accountants, Business Service companies, B2C, B2B and they all have one thing in common – they want to improve their Google ranking through SEO.  They have another thing in common: they don’t know how. Search Engine Optimization for small businesses is as elusive and mysterious...
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Would You Give Up Your Small Business for a Job?

Since I started my Marketing Consulting practice,  Fortune Marketing Company, eight years ago, I’ve received a job offer at least once a year. Job offers that were serious enough to make me pause for a minute and consider: a regular pay check; benefits; a retirement account! The offers came with attractive...
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10 Fatal Website Design Flaws

Your company website is your single most important online marketing tool. It can mean the difference between a thriving small business and one that fails.  You would be hard pressed to find a consumer who doesn’t go online to research a business before buying from them, and if your website...
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5 Huge Money Wasters in Small Business Marketing

You want to do the right thing, so you invest in marketing your small business. The problem is, you’re a contractor, hair stylist, coach, consultant, accountant or attorney, you’re not a marketer. So, you do what everyone else is doing falling into the “if they’re doing it, it must work”...
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