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Perfection is the Best Marketing

How One Local Business Does it Right…. Walking through the dusty gravel parking lot lugging my 2 heavy canvas bags chock full of fresh cucumbers, green leaf lettuce, Napa cabbage, string beans, nectarines, apricots and lots of other summer garden delights I pondered how Larry’s Produce, my favorite local summer institution, has...
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Welcome Smart Marketer’s Club Reader!

5 Ways to Fit Marketing into Your Schedule   Oh I’m guilty of it too. We get caught up in the day-to-day of our work; answering phone calls, putting out fires, payroll, inventory, life…. But the fact is, the long-term success of any business is dependent upon finding the time to invest...
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Is Your Website Like a Bad Date?

I’ve seen a lot of articles lately about website design.  One of the best was by Jonathan Kranz on MarketingProfs entitled “5 Things to Think About Before You Launch Your Next Website”.  I really liked this one because it addresses what I believe are the 5 main things everyone should consider before...
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Does Marketing Scare You?

I recently ran across a blog by a fellow Duct Tape marketing coach at Glue Marketing entitled “Why taking marketing risks shouldn’t scare you.” In this blog they talk about how some marketing risks aren’t really risks at all, but just a move outside of one’s comfort zone. Risky Marketing?...
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Marketing You: Do Prospects Trust You?

Congruency is about matching. And in terms of marketing and business success it’s about our words matching our actions and behaviors. We’ve all heard that only about 7% of communication is the words that we speak, so the rest is how we say it (tone), our facial expressions, eye contact, how we sit or stand (i.e.: whether or not we fidget (I’m guilty of this one) or stand or sit solidly), and dozens of other physical actions.

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