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Why Direct Mail Doesn’t Work for Small Business

Here is a paraphrased summary of three different conversations I had with business owners this week:  Business Owner (B.O.): “Marketing doesn’t work, I tried it.” Me: “Really? Tell me more about that.” B.O.:  “I sent out a bunch of post cards and didn’t get a single response!” Me: “Hmmm.. A...
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How Small-Town (Local) Businesses can Benefit from Twitter

This is a guest post by Greg Elwell of Zephyr Marketing LLC located in Benicia, CA. Greg blogs on topics involving personal branding and how local businesses can use social media to become more visible, credible and remarkable. He’s @gregelwell and @ZephyrMarketing on Twitter. ___________________________________________________________________________ Twitter is a big deal....
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The Best Kept Secret of Successful Marketing

You’ve been in business a while.  You’ve been buying advertising, tweaking your website, spending a fortune on yellow pages and attending all kinds of networking groups. Yet your pipeline is empty; you don’t know from  where your next job, project or sale is going to come– or even if it...
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Are You Ready to Stop Guessing at Marketing?

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