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Strategic Marketing Consulting

Strategic Marketing For Small Businesses

The Build Your Fortune Marketing Program is ideal for small and medium sized businesses owners who want to take their marketing – and their business –  to the next level. This system focuses on building a solid foundation for your business, based on proven sales and marketing fundamentals for a strong integrated approach. We will identify, study, and  analyze your ideal client, your competition and your marketplace to create powerful positioning and branding. We will then develop processes and systems for managing it all so you can achieve long term, sustainable growth.

The Build Your Fortune Marketing System

This is not theory, this is not a bunch of expensive research you will never use. This is practical hands-on Marketing. We will install an affordable and manageable Marketing system that will deliver more qualified leads more consistently, helping you achieve the growth you desire. 

Grow your small business with us, here’s how! 

  1. Monthly one-on-one meetings with you and/or your team to guide and manage the process.
  2. Ongoing email and phone support- we’re here when you need us for direction and assistance.
  3. Market research – we will study your competition, the marketplace and ideal clients. allowing you to make more informed decisions that will improve your marketing.
  4. Branding and positioning – we will audit and provide recommendations on your logo, website, and social media presence to make sure your small business stands out and gives prospects a reason to choose you.
  5. Installing systems and processes for managing your marketing – including social media, blogging, newsletters and email marketing, advertising, SEO and SEM and more.
  6. Training your staff- if you would rather have your staff implement your marketing plan, we will provide training and support on every aspect of executing your marketing strategy. If you don’t have staff, we can provide these services for you.
  7. Recruiting – Need help hiring skilled marketing help? We can manage that for you too!
  8. Comprehensive Marketing Plan – this will be your business bible – everything you need to build the business of our dreams.
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