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Welcome to the Fortune Friday Free Marketing Tips Featured Article!

Get your business license, place an ad. That’s how it goes for most new business owners, right? Whether it’s a yellow pages ad, newspaper, radio, television or the local coupon mailer we are trained to think we need to place ads. And usually, small businesses run out and try to emulate what huge multi-million dollar, multi-national corporations do with advertising; create “awareness”. The problem with that is...

It’s Marketing, Horn Tooting is Allowed!

What are the little things you do every day that sets you apart from the competition that your customers probably take for granted by now. What are you doing to remind them? In Marketing bragging and horn tooting are definitely allowed!

Are More Facebook Likes Better?

Recently a client asked what I thought about the businesses on Facebook who seem to be obsessed with boosting the number of "likes" of their business page... and here's my two-cents:

Is Your Business Competing with SPAM?

I get hundreds of SPAM emails a week some are of the hilarious type and some are from people who actually want my business and think that SPAMMING me is the way to get it. And what strikes me hilarious is that for each SPAM email I get, I probably know at least 5 people personally – or even virtually for that matter, that I would turn to if I were looking to hire that particular product or service. Why would I hire a complete stranger – and a SPAMMER at that? Here are 4 ways your business can avoid competing with SPAMMERs.