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Don’t Say That!!! How to Improve Your Image by Keeping Your Mouth Closed!

I vividly remember sitting there after having spilled the beans, immediately regretting it; realizing that although I was trying to make myself look capable by telling the story, what it really did was instill a shadow of doubt in the mind of my boss. It was a valuable lesson and I learned to be a lot more mindful about what I say – and don’t say! And that is a skill that is definitely useful in developing marketing communications for your small business. What you don't say is as important - or even more important than what you DO say.….

5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Marketing

Your small business marketing tactics are stale!!! Is your small business kinda slow these days? Are customers just not calling and coming in like they used to? It’s probably because you’re using the same old marketing and advertising you’ve been using for years. Here are 5 ways to change it up and bring your marketing into the new millenium!

Can Bad Marketing Make You Fat?

I realized recently that many of the habits and practices it takes to not be fat (and trust me, I know all about this!) are very pretty much the same for making a business NOT be out of shape and unhealthy. Put another way – many of the same habits that make us healthy can also be applied to making a business healthy.