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Marketing Strategy

3 Reasons to Make Business More Personal

Most Marketing experts will advise you to tell your story to connect with your audience. And I know for many of us that’s hard to do. Our stories are personal and telling them is giving away a piece of us. It takes courage.But the benefits to your business can be huge and well worth the risk.

Speaking for Leads: Your Audience Doesn’t Care About You!

As business owners, marketers, and professionals most of us, at some point, have to get up in front of an audience to talk about our businesses. If you’re lucky enough to have a captive audience for more than 2 seconds you need to grab their attention immediately or risk losing them – and I’m sorry to tell you, you aren’t going to impress them with your life story right off the bat

Do Your Ads Make You Look Cheap?

As I’m perusing endless pizza and carwash coupons I noticed a huge difference in how the bigger companies advertised compared to the small local companies. Can you spot the difference between the big company ads and the small company ads? It's HUGE.

Is Your Marketing wimpy or HEFTY?

We, of all people shouldn’t be doing anything wimpy. We’re the brave of the brave – if we liked “easy” we’d still be rotting away in some cubicle somewhere. But we’re not, we're small business owners; entrepreneurs. We love a good challenge. We thrive on risk. So then WHY in the world do so many of us wimp out when it comes to our marketing??? Why???