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Marketing Strategy

The Secret to Creating Raving Fans: Good Customer Service Isn’t Enough

As business owners, we constantly read and hear how we should be turning customers into raving fans, and creating “buzz”. But how do we do that? I haven’t really seen anyone explain how to go from “ok” customer service to “out of the park” customer service. Here are some personal examples of out-of-the-park service to give you some ideas of what it takes to wow customers and create raving fans.

Don’t Feel Guilty – Taking Time Off IS Work!

I don’t know how to take time off. The problem is as a small business owner, and especially as a small business owner who is still very much in start-up mode, there is always stuff to do. – ALWAYS. My mental to-do list has no end. Here is why taking time off is crucial - and why you can feel good about it!

Is Your Business Competing with SPAM?

I get hundreds of SPAM emails a week some are of the hilarious type and some are from people who actually want my business and think that SPAMMING me is the way to get it. And what strikes me hilarious is that for each SPAM email I get, I probably know at least 5 people personally – or even virtually for that matter, that I would turn to if I were looking to hire that particular product or service. Why would I hire a complete stranger – and a SPAMMER at that? Here are 4 ways your business can avoid competing with SPAMMERs.

Don’t Say That!!! How to Improve Your Image by Keeping Your Mouth Closed!

I vividly remember sitting there after having spilled the beans, immediately regretting it; realizing that although I was trying to make myself look capable by telling the story, what it really did was instill a shadow of doubt in the mind of my boss. It was a valuable lesson and I learned to be a lot more mindful about what I say – and don’t say! And that is a skill that is definitely useful in developing marketing communications for your small business. What you don't say is as important - or even more important than what you DO say.….

7 Reasons to Tell A Client To Take A Hike.

Choosing to fire a client is never an easy decision. As small business owners, oftentimes we feel compelled to work with whoever will pay us, because for most of us getting a new client is not an easy feat. But sometimes you just have to say, "enough is enough" and cut your losses. Here are 7 signs that it's time to send a bad customer packing.