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Do Your Ads Make You Look Cheap?

As I’m perusing endless pizza and carwash coupons I noticed a huge difference in how the bigger companies advertised compared to the small local companies. Can you spot the difference between the big company ads and the small company ads? It's HUGE.

It’s Marketing, Horn Tooting is Allowed!

What are the little things you do every day that sets you apart from the competition that your customers probably take for granted by now. What are you doing to remind them? In Marketing bragging and horn tooting are definitely allowed!

5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Marketing

Your small business marketing tactics are stale!!! Is your small business kinda slow these days? Are customers just not calling and coming in like they used to? It’s probably because you’re using the same old marketing and advertising you’ve been using for years. Here are 5 ways to change it up and bring your marketing into the new millenium!