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Target Market

Marketing is Not Deceptive Trickery!

So as a business owner you might be asking, “What the heck does your bad taste in soda have to do with marketing?” It has everything to do with Marketing! A huge part of marketing is how you package your product and service – AND of course knowing your target market and how, what, and why they buy!

Are More Facebook Likes Better?

Recently a client asked what I thought about the businesses on Facebook who seem to be obsessed with boosting the number of "likes" of their business page... and here's my two-cents:

Why Small Businesses Need a Marketing Strategy

Imagine hosting a dinner party and throwing it all together without a plan. You won’t plan the menu. You won’t plan the decorations. You won’t even plan the guest list. Instead you buy whatever is on sale at the market that day and tell a few people you meet along the way to invite everyone they know. Silly right? Yet, that is exactly how many market their small businesses...